8 quick tips to better SENIOR PHOTOS

what to look for

ABOUT ME: Capturing your senior portraits is one of my favorite things to do. You give me creative license to do something different and you are open to working in all sorts of locations. You love the feeling of being treated like a model without having to be one, knowing I will make you look and feel your very best.

Tip 1

Remember the Classics

Have a great close up taken. This does not have to be a dated or considered old school. It's a classic and as long as you look relaxed and natural it will stand the test of time. Use it for your yearbook and archive it as it will become a keepsake you will cherish for the rest of your life. It is an absolute must for Mom and Grandmom. 

Try This: Wear a solid top and keep it simple. 

Tip 2

Have Fun

Candids of you laughing, running or giving a quick look back over your shoulder showcase your energy. You don't always have to sit-there! Laugh and enjoy! 

Try This:flip your hair, bust out in your biggest laugh, jump! 

Tip 3

Insist on Posing

Most people don't know what to do on the other side of the camera. Every locations and outfit warrants a different stance, lean, tilt. Look for it in my gallery. It was not by accident these people look so good. 

Try This: Rock your hips to one side, lean on a wall, lean forward, move your chin forward and down.

Tip 4

Choose Outfits that Define You

You may be your most comfortable in jeans and a t”but there is another side of you that wants to feel like she is on the red carpet. Glam out with your dressiest dress, wear the latest in fashion AND bring your most comfortable cut off shorts or blue jeans. Showcase the many sides of you with a variety of outfits. 

Try This: Think weekend wear, best fashion outfit and wedding guest dress. 

Tip 5

Include Your Pet

Life just would not be the same without our favorite 4 legged pals. Take some images with your dog, or cat. If you ride, schedule your session at your barn where you probably spend more time there than anywhere else. 

Try This: Out of the Saddle poses in non-riding attire. You have a million jumping shots, now get in close with your horse and showcase his beauty. 

Tip 6

Showcase you Musical Skill

You've spent hours practicing and playing in front of audiences. A artistic dream-scape location of you playing your instrument beats a studio formal of you with your instrument. Take a look at my sample you'll see the difference. 

Try This: Pick a location that has lots of scenery and work in your instrument. It will be dramatic and unique.

Tip 7

Glam it UP

Get a full makeover and get your hair professionally done. You'll not only look amazing you will arrive to your session with an inner confidence that says: "OK world - I am ready...!"

Try this:  Go to your local makeup counter for a consult or let me hook you up with my professional stylist.

Tip 8

Define Your Lifestyle

Studio shots are great but nothing says unique more than a location that defines your lifestyle. Are you city-chique – an urban location will better suite you. Do you connect with the seashore – a beach session will be your backdrop. Maybe a rustic barn or picturesque park is better suited to your tranquil side. Pick a spot that defines you and your images will reflect your passion for living. 

Try This: Look for locations most people would not think of and the results will be like no other - your friends will be jealous and say "I wish my photographer did that! "

View the video above to see how we can capture contemporary style images in an urban setting - with you in them.

more than a selfie


The convenience of having a pretty good camera with us at all times truly has changed how we capture the story of our lives. There are moments when handing off your phone to a friend, or taking a selfie will do. But there are other moments when it's best to hire a professional.

We love working with our clients to beautifully capture the milestones in your life and to create artwork for your home to showcase these moments for years to come.

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