you are a team LEARNING from one another

ARETI BRATSIS PHOTOGRAPHER,  capturing the essence of your relationship with unique portraits. Personal mementos created from the heart. 

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Creative. personal. emotional

You've never experienced anything like this.

Your Out of the Saddle session is a great opportunity to showcase the real relationship between you and your teammate. Most riders have hundreds of competition shots, they're great,  but they don't depict the bond that develops over hours & hours, years & years of practice, learning and growing.  

"21 years ago I made the decision to buy Excel, he  changed my life..."  Susan T. 

Custom sessions are conventionally done at your barn.  

Barn Parties available

 During the pre- portrait consultation we work together to learn more about how you want to be photographed and how to prepare for your personal session. 

Watch the video to see a full "Out of the Saddle" session  typical of what you can expect with Areti Bratsis Photographer 


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About Areti Bratsis

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Areti Bratsis Photographer M.Cr. CPP Specializes in creating personal photographic artwork of people and the things they are passionate about since 1987.

Located in Foxboro, MA, she has been producing quality print work for her equestrian clients which grace the walls of people's homes. Her quality prints and products are made to last. Memories may fade, digital files lost but  heirloom display items last forever. 


Capturing your story, frame by frame.

Be proud of your equestrian photos

I Want You to Love Your Images 

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